Flagship Programs

Positive Energy Leadership Program

GapSkills Learning Solutions offers its flagship POSITIVE ENERGY PROGRAM to leaders and professionals. This highly popular program aims at building a ‘Centered Leader’; one who brings a midas touch to every dimension of life, transforming lives and environments.

As a Leader (participant), you will be able to –


  • Become more deliberate and purposeful in your thoughts and actions
  • Create new options for action, even in difficult situations
  • Start living LIFE, instead of living in the mind
  • Drop limiting beliefs, and succeed to your full potential
  • Be in a celebratory mood – non-serious, yet involved & deeply engaged
  • Foster deep, meaningful relationships


  • Enhance performance by aligning personal & organizational values
  • Convert vision & ideas into actions – for self & team, with their discretionary efforts
  • Get things done effortlessly – self & team/peers, building enriching experiential imprints in the process
  • Work effectively with reticent & low motivation team members

Instructional Design – Beginner & Advanced Programs

This program is specifically designed to help instructional designers, trainers, and subject matter experts learn how to design, develop and deliver training programs – both, online and in-person sessions, in a most interactive and engaging manner.

This program is agnostic to the nature of training content and is applicable for all kinds of training topics – soft skills, technical skills, leadership skills, etc. The program is designed to accommodate the needs of newbies to this profession as well as practicing instructional designers, trainers, and subject matter experts.

Program Format

  • 16 hours of Live Sessions – online or offline
  • Assignments between sessions
  • Develop one sample topic by the end of this program

Program Contents

  • Learning Goals & Objectives
  • Content curation & mapping
  • Learner Persona
  • Design Strategy – macro design & micro design
  • Scripting & Storyboarding
  • Content Visualization
  • Assessments & Assignments
  • Presentations & Feedforward


Mentoring support – 7 weeks of mentoring support

Reframing – The Art of Creative Problem Solving

Reframing is a critical tool for fostering innovation and creativity in the workplace. It is an effective problem-solving approach as well. Successful leaders, from all walks of life, are known to have abundantly used this tool for improving their own emotional intelligence and of those around them, to effect meaningful change.

The power of reframing is that it encourages you to harness creative and innovative thinking to achieve breakthrough solutions, for converting problems into opportunities, and promote original, out-of-the-box thinking. Through positive reframing, people tend to view problems differently, by simply asking, ‘What is the opportunity here?’ This shift in viewing problems is empowering and enriching for all those who adopt it.

Problems are commonplace in any workplace, and they tend to snowball, when left unattended. To prevent such cumulative escalation, leaders can be trained and encouraged to adopt ‘reframing’ as a tool and mindset. The program will initiate the process of ‘reframing problems and identifying creative solutions’ and thus set the stage for group practice when they return to their work spaces. Being trained as a team, helps them adopt a common vocabulary and draw the attention of team members to the creative thinking approach when confronted with problems. Together, teams can solve as well as innovate by seeing opportunities in problems.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching conversations with team members go a long way in empowering them and enabling high performance. A robust coaching culture enhances employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity & performance, and collaboration in the team. In fact, Coaching positively impacts the performance of entire teams.

Program Contents

  • Developmental orientation to performance
  • Planning & goal-setting
  • Feedforward approach
  • Powerful questioning
  • Collaborative problem solving & decision-making

Handling Difficult Conversations 

We often walk into difficult conversations or negotiations, believing that we have all the reasoning required to win it. But we often realize that reasoning alone does not suffice, nor do strong communication and assertive skills carry us through. And in most cases, success comes with a price – lost relationships. What then can bring us success in difficult conversations and negotiations?

Using a disciplined approach for handling the negotiation or difficult conversation, enables us to resist the knee-jerk reactions, that our opponent may try to evoke from us, to gain control of the situation. When we remain strategic, we maximize our chances of protecting and satisfying our critical interests and the legitimate interests of the other party.

In this 2-day experiential workshop, participants will learn and practice the skills to negotiate and persuade efficiently and effectively, using the Stakeholder Interests-Based Negotiations approach (inspired by Roger Fischer’s Getting to Yes). This approach not only gives them the desired outcomes but also protects and strengthens their relationships. This is a proven approach and requires diligent practice and discipline to apply it in every difficult conversation, for consistent and successful results. 

Program Contents

  • Negotiation – An Act or Thought?
  • Stakeholder interests identification
  • Preparation for negotiation – Identifying competitive options & win-win outcomes
  • Negotiation discussion
  • Review – outcomes & learnings