Know Your Coach

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe Awareness is the greatest agent for change; deep awareness has the power to dissolve & transform even deep-seated barriers, conscious and unconscious, such as belief systems, cultural download, emotional and mental blocks.

Every individual is endowed with the gifts of life, which are often obscured due to life’s experiences and challenges. And since these are too close inside oneself to have a clear vision of them, it helps for a coach to show a mirror to the coachees, exposing the hidden gems within. Once they have this revelation, the journey is to clear the rubble and manifest these gifts in their best glory.

In my coaching journey so far, this belief has been reinforced every single time. Even in situations where I thought there was no movement forward, suddenly when the door of these gifts opened up, the coachee spontaneously moved to uncover them and bring it into their daily living.

Some important tenets I work with are – respect, trust, holding safe space, being a mirror, gently confronting to reveal inherent contradictions, nudging towards meaningful and result-oriented actions, enabling coaches recognize the power within.

Dr. Bhulakshmi V

Learning Strategist

For over two decades, Dr. Bhulakshmi has designed learning interventions for clients across industries and geographies. In the last one decade she has also been coaching leaders and facilitating leadership workshops.

With a background in psychology, self-mastery, & personal development, she has successfully guided individuals and organizations towards achieving their highest potential.

Adept at helping individuals unlock their true inner potential, Bhulakshmi specializes in personalized coaching that focuses on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal growth. With a deep understanding of the connection between mindfulness and overall well-being, she integrates mindfulness practices into coaching sessions, fostering stress resilience and mental clarity.

Known for her dynamic and engaging workshop facilitation, Bhulakshmi designs and delivers impactful programs for leaders at all levels, with a commitment to creating a safe and constructive learning environment.

Having worked with diverse clients, ranging from Family business entrepreneurs to teams within large corporations, she understands the varied challenges faced by individuals and organizations. Her client testimonials speak to the transformative impact of her coaching and workshop facilitation.

Self-Mastery Coach

Unlock Peak Performance: Invest in Leadership Excellence

Dr. Bhulakshmi believes in the power of continuous growth and self-discovery. Her coaching philosophy revolves around empowering individuals to navigate challenges, embrace change, and achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

Her mission is to inspire and guide individuals and organizations on a journey of self-mastery, unlocking untapped potential, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Dr. Bhulakshmi  is not just a coach; she is a partner in the transformative journey towards self-mastery and personal excellence. She helps leaders comprehend the true meaning of being “limitless” at work and in life! 

Furthermore, as part of her social responsibility, she volunteered with the Unnati Plus Program, conducted at the Telangana Prisons Department.