• “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore, Dream, Discover.”

    - Mark Twain

  • "There is nothing more powerful in the world than the idea that came in time.”

    - Victor Hugo

  • “It seems to me that self-confidence and the ability to stand one's ground are essential if we want to succeed in life. I am not talking of stupid self-assurance but of an awareness of our inner potential, a certainty that we can always correct our behavior, improve ourselves, enrich ourselves, and that things are never hopeless”

    -  Dalai Lama

  • We inspire & guide leaders and organizations on a journey of self-mastery, unlocking untapped potential, and fostering a culture of excellence

About Us

At Gapskills, we inspire & guide leaders and organizations on a journey of self-mastery, unlocking untapped potential, and fostering a culture of excellence,

We understand that cultivating a high-performing and harmonious workplace requires more than just technical skills. It demands a focus on the inner aspects of individual and team excellence. Therefore, we offer comprehensive inner excellence workshops and self-mastery coaching sessions, designed to empower your team with a holistic approach to personal and professional development.


Lead Consultant

“In an even world, the center is always the connection between any two.”

– Dr. Bhulakshmi V

Dr. Bhulakshmi has been successfully guiding individuals and organizations towards achieving their highest potential. Adept at helping individuals unlock their true inner potential, she specializes in personalized coaching that focuses on self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal growth. Known for her dynamic and engaging workshop facilitation, Bhulakshmi designs and delivers impactful programs for leaders at all levels, with a commitment to creating a safe and constructive learning environment.




Learning & Organization Development Consulting

The L&OD Services Package includes identifying & filling skill gaps, developing metrics for tracking, setting up a learning academy, amongst others.


Custom Content Development

We design, develop, & deliver E-Learning courses, Assessments, Classroom Training Material, & Video Learning Modules

Leadership Development


Self-Mastery Coaching for Leaders

Are you ready to lead with confidence, make strategic decisions effortlessly, and inspire excellence within your corporate domain? Embark on the journey of self-mastery today – where leadership meets limitless possibilities.


Workshops – Inner Excellence

Our comprehensive Inner Excellence Training Programs are designed to empower your team with a holistic approach to personal and professional development, We work closely with your organization to understand its unique challenges and goals, tailoring each program to ensure maximum impact and relevance.


Leadership Labs – Safe spaces

Our Leadership Labs offer a transformative experience that equip you with the necessary mindset and skills needed to excel in today’s challenging business landscape. Contact us today to learn more about how our Leadership Labs can be tailored to meet your specific organizational needs.

Flagship Programs


Positive Energy Leadership Program

This highly popular program aims at building a ‘Centered Leader’; one who brings a midas touch to every dimension of life, transforming lives and environments.


Instructional Design – Beginner & Advanced Programs

This program will help instructional designers, trainers, & subject matter experts to design, develop, and deliver interactive & engaging training programs.

idea (1)

Reframing – The Art of Creative Problem Solving

Reframing encourages you to harness creative & innovative thinking to achieve breakthrough solutions, for converting problems into opportunities, & promote original, out-of-the-box thinking. In this program, learn the tools for reframing.


Coaching Conversations

Coaching conversations with team members go a long way in enabling high performing teams. In this program, learn the tools to have a productive coaching conversation.


Handling Difficult Conversations

A disciplined approach to handling negotiations & difficult conversation maximizes our chances of satisfying critical interests without compromising relationships. In this program learn the framework to achieve success in negotiations.